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  • OncaShell Vest

OncaShell Vest


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About Product

Жилет OncaShell построен с уникальным процессом Onca. OncaShell предназначен для использования в качестве внешнего слоя. Это хорошо для холодных погодных условий во время активного износа. Ткань OncaShell защитит ваше тело от ветра, ливневых дождей и пота из-за высокой способности к транспирации.

  • Камеронная ткань OncaShell
  • Идеально подходит для любых погодных условий
  • Ультра-бесшумный
  • Высокая устойчивость к проколу
  • 90% пробка для ветра
  • Водоотталкивающий
  • Высокая воздухопроницаемость
  • Средняя изоляция
  • Механическое растяжение
  • Допускаемость свободного движения
  • Регулярно

OncaShell - наша мягкая ткань, разработанная Onca. Он используется для куртки, жилета, брюк и кепки. Ткань представляет собой 100% полиэстер, состоящий из двух слоев: полиэфирного внешнего и флисового вкладыша.


Thanks to our OncaShell fabric we are able to maintain body temperature and prevent the wind from getting through the clothing. We get this from the outer layer of fabric because it is built with polyester microfiber yarn that creates a high-density structure that prevents the passage of wind.

We wanted to create a fabric that is durable for hiking in the mountains, but also warm, water repellent, windproof, and silent without sacrificing breathability.


We have developed a powerful Teflon based water repellent that is extremely durable. The Teflon base makes water droplets slide off the fabric, preventing them from penetrating the fabric. Although it is not waterproof, you will avoid getting wet while walking through wet vegetation or under the occasional rain.


The usual way to build a windproof, breathable fabric is using PTFE, PU or a polyester membrane. These membranes, which are highly breathable, sometimes get limited by the other layers of fabrics. We developed a fabric that protects against the wind without a membrane and still maintains a high breathability.


Fleece is capable of holding a large amount of air in a controlled volume; this air is heated by our body and in turn, gives us heat. Thanks to its high wicking fibers, sweat is transported quickly to the outer layer of fabric which helps to keep your body dry.


We developed the softshell fabric with a slight stretch for added freedom of movement. This, together with its high breathability, wicking the properties and warmth will help you have a comfortable hike.


The closed structure and mesh construction of the outer fabric makes it highly resistant to tearing and snagging. Vegetation that typically punctures and snags your gear will just slide over the surface.

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