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The jacket OncaElastic is designed for outdoor activities in warm and moderately cool temperatures. It is recommended as a second or outer layer on top of any of our shirts or underwear. OncaElastic is a very elastic, lightweight fabric that maximizes mobility, but protects the user from wind, abrasion and snags.

19 ounces.
Lightweight Camouflage Cloth
Designed for warm and moderately cool conditions
Resistant to wind and water
Improves cooling in warm weather
Unique resistance to attenuation
Very breathable
Insulation layer
High Capillarity Capability
Quickly dry
Carbonized yarn
Treated with silver ions to fight odors and bacteria
4-position mechanical tension
Full tolerability of movements
Flat seams with a soft touch inside
Years of research and development, along with numerous prototypes by Onca's designers, produced by OncaElastic, a specific compound of polyester fibers and elastomeric charcoal particles, combined with fabric. OncaElastic is a strong, yet lightweight, stretchable material used in pants, jackets, and caps, designed for all-season outdoor activities. The strength and abrasion is resistant to the elastomer. The resulting proprietary fabric is the best balance of strength, elasticity, snag / tear resistance and light weight, available to the outdoor enthusiast today. OncaElastic is available exclusively from Onca in our high-end, high-performance, technical outdoor gear with our unique camo pattern.

The carbon infused polyester fibers enhance the fabric's breathability. The brushed inner fabric provides quick absorption and moisture transfer to the outside. Perspiration odors.

Our objective was to develop a material that was repaired by water and did not remain wet. We achieved our goal by incorporating an uneven microscopic surface that allows minimal water droplet contact. This technology facilitates the evacuation of rain or moisture droplets without leaving wet marks. This treatment is very important as it will allow a high degree of comfort in rain, snow, dew and high humidity without feeling wet, however, it is not completely waterproof.

This fabric is uniquely light and very elastic, which provides complete freedom of movement. Matte lining is extremely comfortable and increases air permeability.

All OncaElastic products are light, very comfortable, durable, resistant to wind, water repellent, noiseless and very versatile. In all, except the most extreme climates, they can be considered almost "all-weather." Adding a light OncaFresh shirt in hot weather and a OncaTherm shirt as a base layer for lower temperatures creates a comprehensive transmission system that covers a wide range of environmental situations.

All fabrics developed by Onca are in cooperation with Gocotex, SL and tested by the textile research institute Aitex.