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  • NVG Mount

NVG Mount


Market types:

Civil, Police & Law Enforcement, Military Arms

About Product

NVG Mount

The NV Monoculars can within seconds be mounted or dismounted, all depending on the users needs. The user can choose to use one or two monoculars, and change instantly when he needs to.
The monocular can very quickly be moved from head to gun.

This innovative product allows the user to change from having one to two monoculars mounted, and back again, as the need arises. The mount is very stable and quiet, with no rattling or shaking parts. The mount is very flexible with multiple adjustments and settings, and can be adjusted for tilt, eye width and/or eye-relief within seconds. For the user who likes to use his right-eye monocular mounted on his firearm, the monocular can be securely moved from the head to the gun or back again within seconds.

The Head Mount/Helmet Mount has a quick interface with adjustment memory, giving the user the possibility to quickly transfer the whole system with goggles from his helmet to his head (or back) if the situation warrants it.  Some operators prefer to parachute without goggles mounted, opting to mount them only after releasing the parachute, as to prevent the goggles from getting tangled in the risers. With the Light-weight Flexible NVG Mount the operator can keep a clean helmet during descent and within seconds of releasing the parachute have the goggles securely mounted without any need to readjust any settings!

Strap system

The strap system for the Head Mount is developed by the company Snigel Design and is probably the best designed strap system on the market, providing the highest comfort for the greatest variety of head shapes possible. The Head Mount stays in place without any strain or excessive pressure, preventing the commonly experienced headaches and neck pains associated with extended wearing of head-mounted NVG’s.

Goggle fit

The Light-weight Flexible NVG Mount is ideally used with Insight MUM-14 or Vectronix TARSIUS16, but other monoculars such as the ITT PVS-14 can easily be mounted as well.

Flexibility of design

We are extremely flexible and will tailor any product to match the customers’ requirements and ideas.

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