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Market types:

Police & Law Enforcement, Military Arms

Rifle type:

Full-automatic, Semi-automatic


5.8×42mm, 20mm

About Product

Model: ZH-05 ZH-05
Subgroup: assault rifle assault rifle
Manufacturer: Norinco Norinco
Action Automatic Automatic
  Gas Operated Gas Operated
Rate of fire: 650 5
Made in: China China
Year: 2014 2014
Caliber: 5.8 × 42mm 20mm
Barrel length: 20.47 20.47
Barrel finish: Blued Blued
Barrel type: Round Round
Stock type: Bullpup Bullpup
Stock material: Steel Steel
Stock finish: Black Black
Butt: Metal plate Metal plate
Overall length: 37.4" 37.4"
Sights: None None
  None None
Magazine capacity: 30 1
Magazine type: QBZ-95 and ZBQ-03 standard magazine QBZ-95 and ZBQ-03 standard magazine
Weight: 11.02 lbs. 11.02 lbs.

The Chinese ZH-05 assault rifle is an combination rifle that has both 5.8x42 mm assault select fire rifle and single-shot 20mm grenade launcher integrated in the same weapon with an advanced sight with fire control system. It was inspired by an American XM29 OICW and a South Korean K11. 5.8x42 mm assault rifle is standard QBZ-03 assault rifle. The single-shot bolt action grenade launcher is integrated over the rifle component. It doesen't use any magazine so it has to be manualy loaded after each shot. It fires specially designed "smart" grenades. Some different types of grenades are available. There are programmable grenades, that can be electronically set to explode for airburst at predefined ranges. There are armor-piercing grenades, that are rather effective when fired directly against soldiers and lightly armored vehicles. Also there are special fragmentation grenades which might be used against small moving targets, such as tactical UAVs. A standard grenade weights around 85 g and has a claimed killing radius of 7 meters. This weapon uses a large boxy electronic sight, which is used to aim both the assault rifle and grenade launcher. The sight has a built-in laser rangefinder, ballistic computer and grenade programming interface. It is used to pre-set electronic fuses of 20 mm grenades for airburst at predefined ranges. Another unusual feature of this sight is that it can transmit video to shooter's helmet-mounted eyepiece. This feature permits shooting around the corner without exposing yourself to enemy fire. Sight's control buttons are located on the left side of the receiver. The sight can be removed from the weapon. There is a simple backup sight for emergency use. Range of effective fire is around 500 meters with 5.8 mm ammunition. Maximum effective range of 20 mm grenades is 800 m against stationary targets.

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