• Zastava M84 LMG

Zastava M84 LMG


Market types:

Military Arms

Rifle type:

Semi-automatic, AK Type, Full-automatic



About Product

There are some particular unique features that you can enjoy with the M84 light machine gun and make it very special. The M84 light machine gun is a gas operated machine gun. Air- cooling feature is also there to keep the weapon temperature down even after doing many fires.

Belt-fed system is also there for the long battle operations and the good quality that you can enjoy it carrying this weapon on the shoulder. In many ways, it is perfectly similar to the Soviet PKM and only the bigger difference that you can find in this particular class of weapon is stock. In the original version the stock was made in hollow style but here it has a different type of shape with the wood.

Originally the M84 light machine gun was designed in the year of 1980. It has also served in many wars successfully and due to its advance qualities, this is still used by the army for various operation sand conflicts. There are two major variants which can be highlighted here like M84 and M86.

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