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  • M69A Portable Infantry Field Mortar cal. 82mm
  • M69A Portable Infantry Field Mortar cal. 82mm

M69A Portable Infantry Field Mortar cal. 82mm


Market types:

Military Arms

Price per unit:

$5,590.00 - $5,590.00

About Product

The infantry field mortar M69A cal. 82mm is a light-weight portable landforces support weapon. The M69A man-portable mortar is designed to operate as a field mortar with firing from the ground based on special-shaped baseplate or mounted on an installation on the pick-up vehicle. The M69A fires 82mm standard mortar shells of all available types of warhead in indirect fire to provide suppressive, effective and lethal fire support against soft-skinned or lightly fortified targets (light shelters, trenches, pick-ups, trucks, jeeps and sandbag-protected MG posts).  It is used for neutralization and destruction of manpower and firing posts in open field as well as behind the obstacles or in urban areas. The mortar can be also used to breach wiring obstacles, to blind enemy observation posts, to create a smoke barrier, to illuminate by visible or IR light the battlefield etc. The light field mortar M69A is characterized by low mass of only 45 kg, simple and reliable design and construction, great range of fire 6.050 m and can be fired from all kind of terrain as well as from the vehicle. Azimuth and elevation devices are of screwed type. Day sighting device NSB-4B uses a collimator sight and division of 1/6000 or 1/6400. The graduation and bubble levels are coated with tritium and are clearly visible at night. The mortar can fire all standard available 82mm mortar shells – HE, HE-FRAG, HEAT, Smoke, Illumination (of visible and IR light) as well as Target practice rounds for training.

M69A Portable Field Mortar 82mm Basic Tactical-Technical Characteristics

Field launcher Type: Man-portable Infantry Field Mortar

Field Weapon Producer: European Union

Caliber/Cartridge: Standard 82mm (eastern types – HE, SMK, ILL, IR, TP)

Weight of weapon: 28,5 kg (without baseplate), 45,0 kg (with baseplate)

Weapon Length: 1 374 mm

Barrel Length: 1 200 mm

Weapon Height: 1,0 m (±3° traverse, 45° - 85° elevation) 

Weapon Crew: 4 (gunner, loader, ammo bearer & commander) - manually muzzle loaded

Rate of Fire: 20 – 30 rounds/min (theoretical), 10 - 15 rounds/min (practical)

Muzzle velocity: 140 - 280 m/s (depends on quantity of used charges)

Max. effective range: 6.050 m (with using optical day aiming sight 1,8x8° NSB-4B)

Box contains:

-         Field mortar with bipod and baseplate

-         1 pc of 1,8x Optical sight NSB-4B aiming device

-         1 pc of Mechanical artillery quadrant KO-1

-         3 pcs of Carrying frame with shoulder straps

-         1 pc of Water-proof Barrel protective cap

-         1 pc of Cleaning-kit and tool-kit Carrying bag

-         1 pc of Small spare parts and Tools maintenance kit

-         1 pc of Standard cleaning kit incl. cleaning rod, brush & oilcan 

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