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  • M57 Portable Light Field Mortar cal. 60mm
  • M57 Portable Light Field Mortar cal. 60mm

M57 Portable Light Field Mortar cal. 60mm


Market types:

Military Arms

Price per unit:

$4,990.00 - $4,990.00

About Product

The M57 man-portable light field mortar cal. 60mm is a Yugoslavia-designed infantry light-weight short-range mortar system in service in lot of countries worldwide. The M57 mortar has high rate of fire, long range for its category (up to 2.540 m with using HE shell M73), high-portability, good hit dispersion and accuracy as well as high ammunition terminal efficiency. The system weights only 19,7 kg and in general consists of smooth-bore barrel cal. 60mm, the adjustable bipod, the mortar baseplate, day optical aiming sight NSB-3 and other supporting equipment and accessories. The mortar is easy to operate and highly reliable weapon and is ideal for effective autonomous infantry fire support, particularly for airborne troops, special operations, urban warfare and rapid deployment forces. The mortar is of conventional drop-fired system with a fixed firing pin. The bipod has a cross-leveling gear operated by a threaded sleeve between one leg and the elevating gear. From the M57 field mortar can be fired variety of 60mm mortar shells - standard HE shells as well as Smoke, visible and IR illuminating shells incl. Target practice rounds. The M57 mortar is able to effectively destroy various modern small battlefield targets (light shelters, trenches, pick-ups, jeeps, trucks, wiring obstacles, sand-bag protected MG posts etc.) at all ranges up to 2.540 m and can be fired from all kind of terrain as well as from the vehicle.

M57 Portable Field Mortar 60mm Basic Tactical-Technical Characteristics

Field launcher Type: Man-portable Light Field Mortar

Field Weapon Producer: European Union

Caliber/Cartridge: Standard 60mm (eastern types – HE, SMK, ILL, IR, TP)

Weight of weapon: 11,5 kg (without baseplate), 19,7 kg (with baseplate)

Weapon Length: 725 mm

Barrel Length: 580 mm

Weapon Height: 0,5 m (±3° traverse, 45° - 85° elevation) 

Weapon Crew: 2 (gunner/loader & commander) - manually muzzle loaded

Rate of Fire: 20 – 30 rounds/min (theoretical), 10 - 15 rounds/min (practical)

Muzzle velocity: 110 - 220 m/s (depends on quantity of used charges)

Max. effective range: 2.540 m (with using optical day aiming sight 1,8x8° NSB-3)

Box contains:

-         Field mortar with bipod and baseplate

-         1 pc of 1,8x Optical sight NSB-3 aiming device

-         2 pcs of Carrying frame with shoulder straps

-         1 pc of Water-proof Barrel protective cap

-         1 pc of Cleaning-kit and tool-kit Carrying bag

-         1 pc of Small spare parts and Tools maintenance kit

-         1 pc of Standard cleaning kit incl. cleaning rod, brush & oilcan 

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