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Market types:

Police & Law Enforcement, Military Arms

Rifle type:

Semi-automatic, AR Type, Full-automatic


.308 Win

About Product

The unique LWRCI Rapid Engagement Precision Rifle (REPR) is a full spectrum weapon system designed to put devastating 7.62mm NATO rounds on target in a variety of roles. The REPR rifle allows a marksman to perform assaulter duty with the 12” barreled upper installed, and quickly switch to a sniper role simply by changing to the 20” barreled upper. The extra upper receiver assembly can be carried in a backpack and takes up less room and weighs less than carrying a separate rifle.The REPR rifle utilizes LWRC patented self-regulating, short-stroke, gas-piston operating system, ensuring unparalleled reliability in the harshest theaters of operation. A side-mounted charging handle allows the shooter to perform reloads without removing their eyes from the target, and prevents any gas blowback to the face when using a suppressor. The ARM-R top rail is easily removed and reinstalled by hand and provides a 100% return to zero for optics and lasers.The REPR rifle is available in three models: Standard Model (12.7”, 16.1”), Designated Marksman Rifle (18”), and Sniper Model (20”). The DMR and Sniper models feature Geissele triggers. Each REPR rifle comes with one barreled upper but extra uppers are available in 12.7”, 16.1”, and 18”medium contour or 20” heavy contour configurations. Custom packages including one lower and two or more barreled uppers are available. These packages can be had with a variety of optics and accessories. Contact our customer service department for specifications. Self-regulating short-stroke gas-piston system eliminates the venting of hot, carbonladen gases into the receiver and bolt carrier group, thus eliminating the intensive cleaning regime of rifle. It also means the bolt carrier group and associated springs are not subjected to the searing heat of the tapped gases, this being one of the major causes of small parts failure. This translates into carbines that are far more reliable than the legacy direct impingement carbines, regardless of user maintenance. Another benefit of short-stroke, gas-piston system is the improved handling characteristics of weapons over the direct impingement legacy weapons. Recoil is lighter and muzzle rise is greatly reduced. Amazingly, this is accomplished in a carbine that is ergonomically identical, weighs almost the same, and retains 80% parts commonality with the legacy direct impingement carbine. The components of LWRC piston system are machined from SPS alloy, a material that belongs to the superalloy family. These superalloys are found in the aerospace industry such as in the blades of gas-turbine jet engines. It is their ability to withstand extremely high temperatures without losing their strength or becoming fatigued. 

Model: REPR
Manufacturer: LWRC International
Action: Semi automatic
Caliber: 308 Winchester (7.62x51 NATO)
Barrel length: 12.7"
Barrel finish: Blued
Barrel type: Round
Rate of twist: 1 in 10"
Stock type: Expandable
Stock material: Polymer
Stock finish: Black
Butt: Adjustable
Sights: Flip-Up
Trigger: Adjustable
Magazine type: Detachable Box
Weight: 9 lbs.
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