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  • LRF based autonomous ballistic computer VAMPIRE Sоlo
  • LRF based autonomous ballistic computer VAMPIRE Sоlo
  • LRF based autonomous ballistic computer VAMPIRE Sоlo
  • LRF based autonomous ballistic computer VAMPIRE Sоlo

LRF based autonomous ballistic computer VAMPIRE Sоlo


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About Product

Vampire SOLO – device, integrable with any type of small arms, designed for civil or military purposes, can be mounted on weapon, optical sights equipped with MIL_STD 1913 Picatinny pad and provides, target range measurement, automatic calculation of vertical and horizontal amendments, visual and voice notification of shooter.

At amendments calculation considered:

Target range;
Elevation angle;
Air temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure;
Ballistic characteristics of the ammunition;
Wind direction and strength;
Derivation, Coriolis effect;
Vampire SOLO – has a universal mount solution and can be settled:

On the weapon’s foregrip or optical sight bracket, equipped with Picatinny pad by using of quick-removable IR&D bracket;
On a lens of optical sight by using of quick-removable IR&D bracket.
After a simple rangefinder calibration procedure, Vampire SOLO is fully ready for operation, you only need to detect the target and press the distance measuring button. Ballistic module will perform the calculation and calculated values of vertical and horizontal amendments, target range, atmospheric conditions, wind direction and strength will be displayed at the LCD screen. ,. Following the instructions on the screen and voice guidance at Bluetooth headset, the shooter can quickly enters into the sight all necessary amendments values and perform an accurate shot.

Vampire SOLO optionally equipped with:

IR&D Windmaster meteorological station with ultrasonic sensors of wind speed and direction (without free-floating vane and impeller), pressure sensor, air temperature and humidity;
iOS / Android application for smartphones and tablets for target coordinates calculation and its displaying at the electronic map.
Vampire SOLO – is a modern hi-tech element base of the electronic unit and advanced functional capabilities. Laser rangefinder, high-performance calculator with ballistic calculator software, atmospheric conditions sensors (temperature, pressure, humidity), color OLED screen, electronic compass, 3-axis gyro sensor and G meter, radio subsystem for external devices (Bluetooth, special telemetry 2.4GHz)connection, controls are integrated into  minimal size and weight shockproof and waterproof case.

Vampire SOLO – fully automated device for quick and accurate calculation of vertical and horizontal amendments, opening new possibilities of high-accuracy shooting with an optic sight at long distances, provides an opportunity for the shooter to focus only on the shot in limited time conditions. It is an enjoyment for every hunter and invaluable important solution for military. Using of Vampire SOLO for high-accuracy long-range shooting in stressful situations, minimizes shooter’s errors and significantly reduces time for an accurate shot preparation.
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