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The Laser Ammo system was developed in the United States with the aim of setting up the best training system for law enforcement agencies in a cost-effective way. The greatness of the system lies in its simplicity and ease of use.

The laser cartridge adapter can easily be placed in the magazine by hand or can simply be loaded into the barrel after a loading movement. Unlike other similar products that need to be loaded in the barrel from the front, the Laser Ammo Adapter does not change the weight distribution, appearance, handling, and targeting of the weapon, thereby contributes to a more realistic and perfect shooting training.

The Laser Ammo system can be used both for outdoor and indoor training. The infrared version is specially designed for outdoor use. A separate cartridge adapter is available for pistols, revolvers and shotguns (use of carbines and machine guns is also possible - later on we will give a detailed description of the Firefly system). It can also be used for situation shooting, special training and daily routine workouts.

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