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  • Lakeside Guns Razorback

Lakeside Guns Razorback


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.22 LR

About Product

It is fed by a woven cloth belt that can be reloaded time after time. It can also be fed by a Lakeside Machine exclusive nylon disintegrating link that is capable of linking a belt into any length you wish. No modifications are needed to use the links or belts, the rifle will feed both options. This is the first firearm that has been able to satisfy the desire for "Infinite Capacity" in a rim fire. Each firearm is supplied with 2- 50 round cloth belts. The Vindicator BF1 is made with a threaded muzzle with 1/2-28 threads for standard attachments like flash hiders, muzzle brakes, and sound suppressors. Each BF1 is manufactured with a unique removable flash hider that is also a thread protector. The Vindicator BF1 uses a totally different design for the sight system. The front and rear sights are aligned together by using simple shapes that the shooters eye can pick up easily. When the sights are aligned, the pin-point peak of the front sight or "Summit" can be zeroed in on the smallest target accurately without ever covering it up. With the invention of the "SSS" the Vindicator BF1 is very accurate. Within just a few times shouldering it, the sights become instinctive and are faster to use than conventional iron sights. MECHANISM>>The Vindicator BF1 uses the same technology as the proven Browning machinegunfeed mechanism. The loaded belts or links are advanced with a cam operation operated by the linear travel of the bolt. Each round is advanced, chambered, fired and ejected with the simple front to rearward motion of the bolt. All fired brass is ejected out of the bottom. With the limited energy from a 22LR cartridge, this firearm using this mechanism is nothing short of amazing. The components of the Vindicator BF1 are made of machine steel and tool steel, no aluminum alloy or plastic is found in any parts other than the links that feed it. The Vindicator BF1 carbine is a workhorse in rim fire. 

Model: Razorback
Manufacturer: Lakeside Machine
Action: Semi automatic
Caliber: 22 Long Rifle
Barrel length: 16.25"
Barrel finish: Black
Barrel type: Round
Stock type: Pistol Grip
Stock material: Walnut
Stock finish: Brown
Butt: Rubber pad
Overall length: 35.5"
Sights: Fixed
Trigger: Single
Magazine capacity: 50
Magazine type: Belt
Weight: 7.9 lbs.
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