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  • KWC MKV PM CO2 Blowback.
  • KWC MKV PM CO2 Blowback.
  • KWC MKV PM CO2 Blowback.
  • KWC MKV PM CO2 Blowback.
  • KWC MKV PM CO2 Blowback.
  • KWC MKV PM CO2 Blowback.
  • KWC MKV PM CO2 Blowback.

KWC MKV PM CO2 Blowback.


Market types:


Airgun cailbers:

4,5mm /.177

Power source:


About Product

The Makarov pistol or PM is a Russian semi-automatic pistol. Under the project leadership of Nikolay Fyodorovich Makarov, it became the Soviet Union's standard military and police side arm from 1951 to 1991.

KWC are known for making quality full metal guns in the airsoft market and have a good reputation for their build quality. They have been around long enough to know what airsofters desire in an airsoft gun.

The PM has a DA/SA trigger mechanism. Engaging the manual safety simultaneously decocks the hammer if cocked, and prevents movement of slide, trigger and hammer. Both carrying with safety engaged, or with safety disengaged and hammer uncocked are considered safe. The DA trigger pull is heavy, requiring a strong squeeze, trading first shot accuracy for safety. Racking the slide, manually cocking the hammer or firing a cartridge all cock the hammer, setting the trigger for the next shot to single action. The PM is a semi-automatic firearm, therefore its rate of fire depends on how rapidly the shooter squeezes the trigger. Spent cartridges are ejected some 5.5?6 meters away to the shooter's right and rear. After firing the last round, the slide is held back by the slide stop lever/ejector. Magazines can be removed from the gun via the heel release, located on the bottom of the grip. After loading a fresh magazine, the slide can be released by pressing the lever on the left side of the frame or by racking the slide and releasing it; either action loads a cartridge into the chamber and readies the pistol to fire again.

Please note this does not take standard 6mm BB pellets, you have to use the 4.5mm BB pellets to be able to use this airsoft gun! It also uses CO2 to propel the pellets so please refrain from using any other gases.

Items included:
1x KWC MKV PM CO2 Blowback 4.5mm Air Gun Full Metal
1x Allen Key
1x Manual
1x Pack of 4.5MM Steel BB Pellets
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