Market types:


Revolver type:

Double Action

Caliber :

357 Magnum/38 Special

About Product

Revolver Korth Super Sport ALX 6" .357 Magnum:

High quality revolver from German Korth. Match revolver of the highest class that is ideal for PPC shooting or field shooting. Very good print and good sight. Adjustable impact and rebound spring and adjustable character on DA pressure. Good balance and a densely firing cold-hammered pipe.


Caliber: .357 Magnum (9.1x33R).

Impression function: Double Action (DA/SA).

Barrel: 152 mm.

Material: Steel.

Material rail: Aluminum.

Finish: Matte black coating. Blue anodized aluminum on rail.

Capacity: 6.

Weight: Approx. 1320 g.

Piston: Wooden laminate flask.

Sight: Black. Adjustable and adjustable sight blade. Even with what Korth calls "quick action change" - that you can quickly change sight blades.

Barley: Black. 4-position grains to be able to adjust for different distances and to aim at different places on the board.

Pressurized: Adjustable Double Action character "using pressure point wheel" as well as Adjustable trigger retaining spring (from the outside). The pressure is very good and very even.

Other: Unique for Korth is that you have a "Quick action change" of the drum. You can thus, without screwing on any screw, safely remove the drum and quickly clean it or. The turret is equipped with what Korth calls multiple distance sight rail with Picantinny profile, which in practice means you can mount the sight, sight rails or thumb support in many different ways and where it suits you best. Frame corresponding l-frame so that fast chargers, holsters and other things that fit an S&W L-frame also fit to Korth. Round Butt.

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