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  • Johann Fanzoj Vierling

Johann Fanzoj Vierling


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Combination/ Drilling



About Product

The basis for the design and construction of this extraordinary four-barrel firearm was that of a client's specific request and fantasy of paring a side-by-side double rifle (cal. 9,3/9,3X74R) with an Over-and-Under shotgun (Gauge 20/20/76mm) to be transformed into one single firearm. The customer required that the Vierling fire four times in succession, with "hot" barrels; The platform should be a robust, reliable mechanism that would guarantee inherent quick handling characteristics - then quickly reload and continue in the same sequence, which in other words demands that the sporting weapon have ejectors for all four barrels! Four barrels, H&H style sidelocks, 4 individual automatic ejectors, did little to lessen this impressive sporting arm's responsiveness and wonderful balance. It was an enormous task to design and build, as well as join and regulate the barrels twp-times-two in order that they would shoot together at the same point of impact, in sequence - first the 9,3mm barrels then the shotgun barrels simply by pushing the barrel selector forward, the shooter continues his regiment with the 20-gauge barrels. Automatic ejectors for the shotgun barrels facilitate quick reloading for additional four shots. Barrel alignment: Shotgun barrels 20/20/76 vertical, rifle barrels are horizontal in 9,3x74R/ 9,3x74R calibers. Shooting sequence: 1. Right/ left barrel in cal. 9,3x74R (zeroed in at 150 yards over rifle scope). 2. Lower/ upper barrel in cal. 20/76 (zeroed in with “Slug” on 35m over rifle scope). 3. On demand all cartridges can be ejected – quick reloading – and then fire another two shots Mechanism: H&H style sidelocks, with automatic, individual ejectors for all four barrels; double underlug lungs; with Doll´s head lock. Trigger system: double triggers; push-forward switch on stock comb to switch from rifle to shotgun barrels. “push forward position”: shotgun / back position: rifle. Safety is extra safety switch next to the opening lever with comfortable relief surface. Barrels are made of high quality, high tensile gun steel, barrel length 58,5cm (23inches), Chokes 3/4 (lower), 3/4 (upper), with detachable sling swivels. Open sights: regulated and tested also to open sights : on 35m with first the right 9,3x74R barrel, then the bottom 20/76 barrel. Stock is custom-made of exhibition grade Circassion walnut burl, beautiful expressive grain; right-handed stock with 0 cast on/cast off (customer was left-handed); slim, short stock forend, pistol grip cap with trap, red Old-English recoil pad. Engraving: A magnificent, deep-relief ornament engraving, with animals woven into the ornament lines. 

Model: Vierling (Sidelock Four-barrelled hunting rifle)
Manufacturer: Johann Fanzoj Jagdwaffen
Action: Sidelock
Caliber: 9.3 x 74 R
Caliber2: 9.3 x 74 R
Gauge: 20
Chamber: 3
Barrel length: 23"
Barrel finish: Blued
Barrel type: Round
Stock type: Pistol Grip
Stock material: Walnut
Stock finish: Brown
Butt: Old-English recoil pad
Overall length: 42.5"
Sights: Open
Trigger: Double
Ejector/extractor: Automatic ejectors
Weight: 10.35 lbs.
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