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  • Inflatable Bulletproof Cloak

Inflatable Bulletproof Cloak


Market types:

Police & Law Enforcement

About Product

Inflatable bulletproof cloak SK1 or NIJ III / AA inflatable bulletproof cloak (hereinafter referred to as cloak ) is rated as SBD / 03/08. The certification document is attached to the ordered products. The basic degree of protection of the cloak is German defense grade SK1 or NIJ III / A. The bulletproof ability of the cloak is relatively high. It protects against splinters of hand grenades and the well-known European and handmade bombs, pipe bombs, and cluster bombs. (until ~ 600 m / s).

It can be equipped with accessories according to the customer's needs, e.g.: hygiene packet placement, modular placement of other own devices. If necessary, several shields can be connected together. A special flame retardant version can be delivered in case of an order (flame retardant Nomex or Cordura fabric). To make the cloak flame resistant is possible by using a special fireproof fabric. In the case of the flame retardant or resistant design described above, the cloak weight and flexibility may differ from the basic model. The cloak is also used in the German navy and is blown with a certified air chamber system, keeps its inflated state for a min. of 24 hours, but has kept its shape for up to 3 days under own tests. The inflatable bulletproof cloak can also be used as a stretcher, its drain occurs through a quick discharge valve in a short time. It can also be used as a conventional bulletproof cloak when it is not inflated.

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