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for Pistole: Smith & Wesson MP 9
Caliber: 9x19
Inner Profile: IGB Field/Groove
Twist Rate 1:16 "
Barrel Length: 132 mm ( 5.20")
Material: IGB Superior European Steel
Hardening Method: Plasmanitration
Surface Color: Black - Very Dark Anthrazit
Extra: 3 Muzzle Ports

Further Options

  • Surface Color:
  • Alternatively to the Black of the Plasmanitration, IGB offers Gold Coating ( TiN). TiN Coating is a high friction coating used in the metal industry and has nothing to do with the common sense of "Gold" Coating in the Jewelery Business.
  • "Sandblast" - After Plasmanitration the Black Surface can be removed with Sandblasting. Then a nice, very natural bright, non shiny surface will appear.

Further Options:
Standardly Barrels are delivered with the IGB Field/Groove Profile. Against Surcharge it is also possible to deliver any barrel with "IGB Polygonal" Profile. More info see Tab " The IGB Profiles".

Manufacturer Information:
IGB Austria manufactures barrels from steel block to finished product. Being independent of any blank supply, IGB Austria chooses the finest steel for pistol barrels. In terms of Smith & Wesson - only selected models are currently available.
If your desired barrel is not listed here, please send us an email or use the butten "Question to product"

Every IGB barrel is sold with a warranty to last up to 75 000 rounds if used with factory ammunition according to the C.I.P. or SAAMI standards.

Legal Note:
This product is not subject to free trade. For this reason an order becomes valid after the legal requirements have been met. Please see our info-box on shipments . 

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