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  • HK416-Style 10.4″ 5.56x45mm Pistol Barrel – HK416, MR556, Cosmetic Blem

HK416-Style 10.4″ 5.56x45mm Pistol Barrel – HK416, MR556, Cosmetic Blem


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Hurricane Butterfly HK416-Style 10.4″ 5.56x45mm Pistol Barrel – HK416, MR556 – Minor Cosmetic Blemish

*Barrels have MINOR cosmetic blemishes from being disassembled, these barrels are take-offs from our uppers. They have been test fired, only.

Hurricane Butterfly’s HK416-Style 10.4″ 5.56 NATO Pistol Barrel.  Meeting the civilian demand for quality and HK-specs, motivated by the popularity of the HK416 platform with the 10.4″ barrel, Hurricane Butterfly answered with an HK416-style 10.4″ barrel compatible with the HK 416’s, MR556, & CR556.  Our barrels are truly the closest you will find to the authentic, German-made HK416 barrels without the HK price.  They are comparably manufactured from Lothar Walther blanks to HK416 specs and dimensions. The barrel material is Lothar Walther’s confidential “Special Rifle Barrel Steel”, consistent with HK’s specs.   The barrel has the same surface treatment  as a Heckler and Koch barrel, finished with “QPQ Tenifer”, known in the US as “Melonite Nitride” in the US (Nitriding, Salt Bath Nitride).  Although our barrels are NOT chrome-lined like HK specs, our barrels were finished with the same process, by the same processor that Heckler and Koch utilizes.  No, we are not willing to further disclose manufacturer contact, location, or further manufacturing details.  Crafted from the best materials, each barrel undergoes rigorous quality controls before QPQ finishing and final inspection. Once finished, each barrel is examined for proper headspace using precision custom hardened gauges.

These well-crafted, beautiful pistol barrels are perfect for your HK416 / MR556-type build or modifications, they are shipped with the HK Factory barrel extension installed and pinned.  The barrels are compatible with any HK-spec upper receivers, gas blocks, forearms, and additional HK components. Our button rifled barrels are chambered in the universal 5.56×45 mm NATO cartridge, feature standardized 1/2×28″ TPI muzzle threading, and a 1:7 RH rifling twist rate. This twist rate has proven very versatile and can effectively run the new, heavier 5.56 ammunition that is very popularly used across many applications by enthusiasts, military, LE, and private security personnel alike for its’ superior ballistics.  The chamber and bore are NOT chrome-lined, rather, the barrel is lined with the same QPQ Tenifer or Melonite Nitride surface finish.

*This is an imported barrel and does not count as a US-made part for purposes of 922(r).  By purchasing this barrel, the buyer acknowledges that it may only be assembled into a pistol configuration pursuant to 18 USC 925(d)(3). 


Platform Compatibility HK416 / MR556 / CR556   HK Parts and Components
Caliber 5.56 x 45 mm NATO
Barrel Type Pistol Barrel
Barrel Length  10.4”
Barrel Material Lothar Walther’s confidential “Special Rifle Barrel Steel” (HK Spec)
Type of Rifling Button Rifled
Twist Rate 1:7  RH
Surface Finish QPQ Tenifer  (HK Spec) known as Melonite Nitride in the US (Nitriding, Salt Bath Nitride)
Barrel Lining QPQ Tenifer  (HK Spec) known as Melonite Nitride in the US (Nitriding, Salt Bath Nitride)
Surface Color Black
Muzzle Thread Pattern 1/2 x 28” TPI
Barrel Profile 19mm (HK Spec) / .750” Diameter
Gas Block Compatibility HK Gas Blocks (19mm Diameter)
Barrel Extension Factory HK, Installed & Pinned in Place
Barrel Extension Material Stainless Steel
Barrel Weight 1.25 pounds /  567 grams (including barrel extension)
Suppressor Compatible Yes
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