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  • Hillman XPR Vest is reversible

Hillman XPR Vest is reversible


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XPR Vest: Not only is it made to ensure your safety during the big winter hunt, but also to give you impeccable warmth thanks to the double layer of hollow insulation. It is designed to be worn under outerwear or even under a jacket in extremely cold weather. Equipped with eight pockets, four on each side. This vest is also used as an incredibly practical outerwear.
1, Double water repellent layer. Silvergear® antiperspirant layer. Duraheat® ultra light hollow insulation. Deerskin® is a gorgeous suede material. Two-way zipper, pocket for the radio on both sides. Two bottom pockets on both sides, two warm pockets. Genuine leather zipper handles. Insulated warm collar.

SilverGear®: Sophisticated nano technology has allowed Hillman to apply the Silver Nano (silver colloid) layer to the material for an overall Anti-bacterial and antiperspirant effect. The coated material allows silver ions to block the spread of sweat, causing Propioni bacteria and Staphylococcus epidermidis, and prevent human sweat.

DuraHeat®: DuraHeat® insulation provides excellent heat. It retains its insulating properties even when wet. Hollow insulation holds more air than conventional insulation materials provide twice as much heat. The unique design of the fabric makes it approximately 22% easier than fabrics with similar insulation. Its flexible design leaves the wearer perfect freedom of movement, making the DuraHeat® the optimal choice for active hunting even in extremely cold weather.

Deerskin®: The feel of the original suede is special and unique for everyone. This is why Hillers uses Deerskin® material for clothing - it has the same feel, strength and load-bearing capacity as the original suede, and the same thickness. The material is guaranteed a high degree of resistance to branches, bushes and thorns. It’s light and doesn’t stretch over time either. A Deers

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