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  • H&K G41.

H&K G41.


Market types:

Police & Law Enforcement, Military Arms

Rifle type:

Full-automatic, Semi-automatic


.223 Rem

About Product

Model: G41



Subgroup: assault rifle
Manufacturer: Heckler & Koch
Action Automatic
  Gas Operated
Rate of fire: 850
Made in: Germany
Caliber: 223 Remington (5.56×45mm NATO)
Barrel length: 17.72
Barrel finish: Blued
Barrel type: Round
Rate of twist: 1 in 7"
Stock type: A2
Stock material: Synthetic
Stock finish: Black
Overall length: 39.25"
Sights: Hooded post
  Rotary drum 100—400 m sight adjustments
Magazine capacity: 20/30
Magazine type: STANAG compatible
Weight: 9.7 lbs.
Features Show features

The HK G41 was a roller delayed blowback select-fire rifle. It was designed to replace the 5.56mm Heckler & Koch HK33 in service providing a more modern weapon compatible with contemporary NATO standards. It is chambered for the 5.56×45mm NATO cartridge and can use both SS109 and M193 ammunition. Assembly of the G41 has been discontinued by Heckler & Koch, however, production rights to the rifle were acquired by the Italian arms manufacturer Luigi Franchi. Truly a great rifle, and an excellent attempt on the part of Heckler & Koch to produce the next generation of military rifle for Germany, but it was not to be. The engineers took the best of all NATO standards for a battle rifle, and incorporated them into the G41. Features such as 1:7 twist rifling for the stabilization of the NATO standard SS109 62 grain projectile, a forward assist, a carrying handle, a bolt that locked open on the last round fired, and in the most overt desire to win over the M16 users, the ability of the rifle to accept actual M16 magazines. Only available with a three round burst trigger group, (in HK vernacular a three round burst group is also capable of full automatic fire. The gun was to be everything an M16 lover wanted, but in a more robust package, featuring the time tested roller locking design. There are two main variants of the G41: The G41 rifle and G41K carbine. The only difference is barrel length, 450 mm v. 380 mm. (17.72 in. v. 14.96 in.) Both were available with either fixed or retractable stocks. A third but not true variant was the G41TGS, which added an HK79 forearm mounted 40mm grenade launcher. The cold hammer-forged barrel has a hexagonal polygonal bore. It comes rifled for either the NATO-standard, Belgian SS109 62 grain bullet with a twist of 178 mm (1:7 in) or in a 305 mm (1:12 in) twist for use with American ammunition with the M193 55 grain projectile. The bore chamber is fluted to assist in the extraction of spent cartridges. The barrel is equipped with a flash suppressor that is also designed to launch rifle grenades.

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