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  • GRAD-PL Rocket Launcher 122 mm
  • GRAD-PL Rocket Launcher 122 mm
  • GRAD-PL Rocket Launcher 122 mm
  • GRAD-PL Rocket Launcher 122 mm
  • GRAD-PL Rocket Launcher 122 mm

GRAD-PL Rocket Launcher 122 mm


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Civil, Police & Law Enforcement, Military Arms

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About Product

GRAD-PL light-weight portable tripod-mounted rocket system is a complete artillery weapon comprises a standard BM-21 Grad monotube single-round man-portable launcher (it can be reloaded and used again) for a standard-long 9M22U 122 mm HE-FRAG rocket and a fire control panel.


The system is light-weight and thus highly mobile and can be carried by 2 soldiers after shot for changing position in order to not be detected. It can be also mounted on the pick-ups and other lightly armoured vehicles.


The rocket launcher is loaded from the rear part and is very easy and simple for operation and maintenance. Grad-PL system can be used for direct as well as indirect fire against point or surface targets. The system is very reliable and is controlled remotely by the portable Fire control panel to avoid jeopardy for the operator.


GRAD-PL Rocket Launcher 122 mm Basic Tactical-Technical Characteristics

Field launcher Type: Man-portable Tripod-mounted Rocket Launcher/Reactive weapon

Field Weapon Producer: Compel Industries - Slovakia (European Union)

Caliber/Cartridge: 122mm smoothbore (9M22U standard-long Grad rocket HE-FRAG)

Weight of weapon: 62,0 kg (without tripod), 94,0 kg (with tripod)

Weapon Length: 3 010 mm

Weapon Height: 1,6 m (3,1 m width allowing full weapon traverse)

Weapon Crew: 2 (1 gunner and 1 loader) – manually loaded from the bottom side

Rate of Fire: 4 – 5 rounds/min (theoretical), 2 – 3 rounds/min (practical)

Muzzle velocity: 680 - 690 m/s

Max. effective range: 5.000 – 20.000 m (for indirect firing), 5.000 m (for direct firing)

Box contains: day combined optics, tripod mount, artillery quadrant, firing device, cleaning brush and tool set, SPTA kit (ZIP 1:1), MRLS, SMT and STE


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