• French Army WW1 Reproduction M15 Adrian Helmet

French Army WW1 Reproduction M15 Adrian Helmet


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A faithful reproduction of a true trail blazer in military gear - the Adrian Helmet, model of 1915!

The first real helmet designed to deal with the horrific casualty rate caused by artillery during the Great War, the M15 Adrian Helmet has likely changed the "face" of the conventional soldier forever. Adopted based on designed by Intendent-General August-Louis Adrian, it was a life saver in what was becoming a vicious war of trenches and artillery. It's combat debut came as the French Army faced some of the most vicious fighting of the entire war at the Battle of Verdun in 1915, where it likely saved many lives. While it remained lighter for pragmatic and stylistic reasons than the contemporary Stahlhelm and Brodie helmets developed later in the war, it remained in mass production for many years after the war due to the ease of manufacturing. As a result, it'd live on far many years after the Great War as an adopted helmet in many other states. 

Adrian helmets would be seen throughout the 20th century in places as varied as Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Poland and the Soviet Union. The French would maintain the tradition of the Adrian helmet with the M26 during the Second World War, adopted from the M15 design with only a few relatively insignificant changes.   

The physical helmet is emblazoned with the distinctive exploding grenade with a protruding "RF", signifying the Republique Francais fitted into the helmet with splitted pins. It is constructed from mild steel, with a fully adjustable leather strap and internal lining. This piece of reproduced military history is perfect for re-enactors, collectors, or those looking to meet health and safety requirements with style.