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Market types:

Police & Law Enforcement, Military Arms

Rifle type:

AR Type, Full-automatic, Semi-automatic


.223 Rem

About Product

Model: HVLAR (High Volume Light Automatic Rifle) HVLAR (High Volume Light Automatic Rifle)





Subgroup: assault rifle assault rifle
Manufacturer: Ferfrans Ferfrans
Action Automatic Automatic
  Gas Operated Gas Operated
Rate of fire: 650 - 700 650 - 700
Made in: USA USA
Year: 2013 2013
Caliber: 223 Remington (5.56×45mm NATO) 223 Remington (5.56×45mm NATO)
Barrel length: 14.5" 16"
Barrel finish: Blued Blued
Barrel type: Round Round
Rate of twist: 1 in 9 or 7" 1 in 9 or 7"
Stock type: Expandable Expandable
Stock material: Polymer Polymer
Stock finish: Black Black
Butt: Plastic Plastic
Overall length: 32.5 - 35.5" 34 - 37"
Sights: Flip -Up Flip -Up
  Flip -Up Flip -Up
Trigger: Standard Standard
Magazine capacity: 30, 40, 90, 100, 30, 40, 90, 100,
Magazine type: Any M16 type magazine Any M16 type magazine
Weight: 9.5 lbs. 9.5 lbs.
Features Show features Show features

The HVLAR was created because of an operational need for accurate firepower for the individual operator. The SAW was suppose to close the gap between the infantry rifle and the Machine Gun but the weight was a disability in a running gun battle. The HVLAR was designed to be lightweight for increase maneuverability delivering suppressive firepower and CQB capable. It also brings to the table a level of accuracy in full-automatic fire not capable with existing Squad Automatic Weapons. Other features includes a semi auto selector that allows the HVLAR to be operated in semi-auto mode and can be used as a designated marksman rifle increasing its versatility. With the short stroke rate reduced piston system, the HVLAR will work in almost all environment making it more a realistic option in real world combat scenarios. Current Combat operations occur at different distances in both jungle and urban settings. Offensive operations at these distance requires running, jumping to the ground, getting up, zigzagging and the use of almost all shooting positions and transitions to close in for the kill. The gunners with the SAW can not keep up with this because of the size and weight of the weapon. The FERFRANS HVLAR is portable, lightweight and can deliver accurate full-auto fire, perfect for fire and maneuver scenarios. FERFRANS HVLAR have two features to answer the accuracy shortcomings of the SAW. First is the Rate Reduction System that makes the HVLAR fully controllable in full-auto fire to engage, suppress and eliminate point targets. Second, terrorists and criminal elements use civilians as human shields, the FERFRANS HVLAR will help the soldier in engaging his target because the HVLAR’s controllability will ensure accuracy even in full-auto fire. It is also equipped with a selector switch that will enable him to use accurate semi-auto fire. The FERFRANS HVLAR will work with any ammunition and has less maintenance than the M16 Infantry Rifle. Type of Operation: Short Stroke Piston. Type of Fire: Safe/Semi/Full – Rate Reduced. Reduction System: Delayed Sear Activation System. Other Features: No Muzzle Rise. Operator can pick the number of rounds fired in full-auto. Reduced Impact Stress.Reduced Rate of Fire. Rail Interface System. Forehand Grip Bipod.

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