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  • FELTRO® 34
  • FELTRO® 34



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About Product

It is about tradition without compromising performance. The use of over-powder wad (below the fiber wad), enhances the propellant burning and reduces barrel residues. Low recoil and slightly wider patters at medium distance shots, makes it ideal as a first cartridge for woodcock, partridge, hare and low flying birds. Unrivaled aesthetics, thanks to an exclusive combination of nickel plated metal head and fine silver printing on dark blue tube.  Caliber Caliber 12/70
Load (gr.) 34
Powder TECNA (double base)
Metal head (mm) 16mm nickel
Closure Star 6
Wad Fiber wad + plastic overpowder disc
Shot Sizes 5-6-7-8-9
P Max P max 680
Packing 25/250
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