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Market types:

Civil, Police & Law Enforcement, Military Arms

About Product

Explosive substances and articles continue to have a wide range of uses in both civil applications and military fields. Their uses can range from the obvious such as warheads for weapons, blasting explosives and accessories, fireworks and flares; through to the more obscure such as in components of fire fighting systems and vehicle safety restraint systems.  Given that explosives will continue to be used in a wide range of applications into the future there will be a continuing requirement for the disposal and destruction of explosives substances and articles.

Our MD is qualified in basic and advanced EOD after successfully completing the training course through the School of Ammunition of the SANDF.  He is registered with the CIE SAPS Reg. no.28/1/2/1/224013 as a Destruction Blaster and has 25 years’ experience, Naschem/Rheinmetall Denel Munitions, in the destruction of explosives and explosive filled items. All the destruction activities are conducted in accordance to the relevant Explosives Act, Regulations and our Demolition Manual Doc. no. NWXT/000-001.

Our service includes the following:

  •     Arrange all permits as required by the Explosives Act and Regulations with the relevant authorities.
  •     Transportation of items to our Magazine.
  •     Destruction of items by incineration or detonation.
  •     Packaging can be returned to the client if we can certify it FFE (free from explosives).
  •     Issuing of a Destruction Certificate to the client on completion of the task.

In addition to the above:

  •     We will if a client has an approved facility for the destruction of items and does not have qualified personnel, render the service at the client’s facility.
  •     We can assist a client in establishing an approved destruction facility and train personnel to operate and manage the facility safely and effectively.
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