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The Dueling Tree is a fun and challenging reactive target system designed to increase the response time of shooters under pressure. Grab your buddy and see who can knock all the paddles to the opponents side first! First person with all the paddles on their opponents side wins the game. This target system brings hours of fun to all shooters, regardless of skill level.

The AR550 Dueling Tree Target Kit is designed to provide the shooter with extreme wear resistance due to its extreme high hardness. With a 10% increase in hardness, our AR550 Dueling Tree Target Kit is sure to provide you with a lifetime of fun! Though we still rate them to withstand the same abuse as our AR500 Dueling Tree Target Kits, the added hardness provides a little extra "insurance" against early target fatigue and a definite increase in life expectancy.

All you have to do is select your AR550 kit size (4 paddle kit, 6 paddle kit, or 8 paddle kit) and we'll do the rest of the work for you. Your angle iron will come with pre-welded 1.5" x .25" heavy-duty DOM pivot tubes. Choose to use our MPB by adding it here, or fabricate your own.

3/8″ AR550 paddles with 6″ paddle face.

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