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  • Detonics MTX.

Detonics MTX.


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About Product

Model: MTX



Subgroup: pistol
Manufacturer: Detonics
Action: Single Action (SA)
Made in: USA
Year: 2013
MSRP: $ 1,500
Caliber: 45 ACP (45 Auto)
Barrel length: 4.25"
Slide finish: Blued
Frame material: Aluminum
Frame finish: Blued
Overall length: 7.95"
Width: 1.23
Sights: None
Magazine capacity: 10
Grip: Walnut
Weight: 27 oz.
Rail: Yes
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The Detonics MTX is a variant of the type of semi-automatic pistol often referred to as a “1911” or “1911-A1.” Because of this, however, it should not be assumed that the MTX has identical features to other 1911/1911-A1-type firearms. The Detonics MTX is a magazine-fed locked breach semi-automatic pistol which can only fire in a single action manner (meaning that the pistol’s firing sequence can only be initiated with the hammer in the full-cock position) for the first and all subsequent shots. Unlike many other 1911/1911-A1-type pistols, the Detonics MTX features no passive firing pin lock and/or block, relying instead and in part for an added measure of safety on superior spring quality in certain key applications of its mechanisms. The Detonics MTX is a unique handgun; and, because of this fact, no handgun features other than those associated with a Detonics MTX (as produced by Detonics Defense Technologies, LLC) should be construed to apply to the Detonics MTX. A number of features contribute positively to the MTX’s potential for safe operation and handling, but no feature, mechanical or otherwise, can substitute for safe firearm handling procedures and common sense. The MTX feature a trigger guard which is analogous to a fence around the trigger to help guard against accidental discharge. The MTX feature a positive thumb safety. When the hammer is fully cocked, this thumb safety engages the sear to prevent the hammer from falling while at the same time engaging a notch in the slide to help prevent rearward movement of the slide. Unlike many 1911/1911-A1-type pistols, the MTX’s design does not include a grip safety of any type. The MTX employs an inertial firing pin. The MTX’s firing pin spring is exceptionally strong, providing more resistance and reducing the likelihood of an unintentional discharge in the event the pistol is dropped on its muzzle. The disconnector is still another safety. When the slide is not fully forward or “in battery,” the disconnector prevents the hammer from falling if the trigger is pulled. Half-cock is not a safety position. Do not carry or store the MTX with its hammer in half-cock. The purpose of the half-cock notch is to prevent a “slip fire” during cocking.

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