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  • COMBAT T1 Cerakote Model ARMOUR BLACK



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About Product

More long time, more beautiful, ultra endurance
Serakoto, in various tests ASTM planning including rust, corrosion and wear, flexibility and impact and solvent and chemical, with a super durability which demonstrated significantly higher performance This coating material.
Always repeated research and testing, because they lend paint pull out each of the characteristics of the raw materials, resistant to deterioration and scratches, while maintaining the characteristics that hard, was to also realize the flexibility and color variations.
Serakoto, in any environment in which it is usually assumed, it may be that a plethora performance. However, we believe that the new coating of low environmental load type can be realized by protecting the more any material beautiful than a long time.

The greatest benefit of using the Serakoto

  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Excellent anti-corrosion and corrosion resistance
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Strong shock and scratches
  • Maximum surface coverage
  • Strength adhesion
  • Simple construction
  • Thinness of the film thickness
  • Ambient or bake hardening
  • Maximum cured coating of 9H
  • Excellent solvent and chemical resistance
  • Smooth, thin of finishing the film thickness that is consistent
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