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  • Bulletproof Shield SK1

Bulletproof Shield SK1


Market types:

Police & Law Enforcement

About Product

SK1 and SK1 plus bulletproof shield The BONOW SK1 aramid bullet shield is a system designed for armed forces carrying out missile and officer operations. During the development, while developing a design that promotes the deployment task as efficiently as possible, it was important to keep the weight of the product at the lowest possible level.

During development, we took into consideration effective handling during the deployment, effective grip in several positions, and space saving storage during the period outside the task execution. Despite the various accessories, the total weight does not exceed approx. 11 Kg with sizes 1050 mm x 550 mm. In the base shield, a large window (400 mm x 100 mm) with the same shield resistance was built into. Another purpose of the development was to use a rotating grip to help both right and left-handed users to efficiently use the shield. With the handle shielded at the bottom of the shield, it can be folded out while using the grip on the thighs, thanks to the non-slip material of the handle, which relieves its wearer. Thanks to this grip, the shield can be stabilized in the upright position. Holding the shield with the two grips at the same time above our head ensures effective protection from the falling shots.

The shield design allows multiple shields of this type to be stacked in such a way that at the joints the bulletproof protection is retained. This feature allows you to efficiently protect a large surface during evacuations by stacking a number of shields next to each other resulting in a protective wall. It is possible to incorporate high-brightness LEDs that illuminate so much that they blind the people in the target area, making it difficult or impossible to estimate the size of the invading forces. We place the desired label at the front of the shield. For storage purposes, if needed, we provide a shield case made especially for this shield. We have developed a foldable version of the shield, especially for units with small cargo holders, thus during storage and transport the space requirement shrinks to nearly the half in relation to the fixed shield, but in its opened state it fulfills the bulletproof protection throughout the entire surface. Please note that various bullet-proof equipment (shields, cloaks, vests) is only sold to authorized agencies. Police, National Tax and Customs Administration, Military and other organizations and companies with additional rights.

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