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  • Borden Rimrock BRL Action

Borden Rimrock BRL Action


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Borden Rimrock BRL actions are perfect for long Range single shot rifles using standard magnum or 30-06 family cartridges.   The action has the “bolt throw” of a Remington long action.  It is about 8 7/8 inches in overall length. The action is 1.350 in diameter and is made of hardened 416 Stainless Steel.  The bolt body is hardened 4142 steel and is spiral fluted.  The action with single port setup with no recoil lug for glue in weighs 36 ounces.  Action with left or right loading port and left or right 6.5×284 miniport weighs 35 ounces. The action is available with PPC/BR/308 boltface or the standard magnum boltface.  It is available as Right Bolt Right Port, Right Bolt Left Port, Left Bolt Left Port, Left Bolt Right Port, Right Bolt Left Port Right Eject, Left Bolt Right Port Left Eject.  There is one size of ejection ports.  The mini port is designed to be large enough and long enough to eject empty 30-06 cases.    The action comes standard with a cylindrically ground finish.  Mirror polish is available as an option.  The action is also available with dual blind pinned 1/4 inch thick recoil lug.

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