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  • Bora M 501 Tanto Wenge Handle Knife
  • Bora M 501 Tanto Wenge Handle Knife
  • Bora M 501 Tanto Wenge Handle Knife
  • Bora M 501 Tanto Wenge Handle Knife

Bora M 501 Tanto Wenge Handle Knife


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About Product

Bora M 501 Tanto Wenge Handle Knife

Product type


Full Length

310 mm

Meat Thickness

4 mm


125 mm


185 mm


34 mm


300 gr


        Lifetime under warranty

The Japanese Yakuza, who can not fulfill the promise of Japan in ancient times, was given to apologize to those whom they could not fulfill by promising to cut off their sparrow fingers with Tanto. It means 'I can not fulfill my promise, but I give you a piece of my heart'. The spiritual meaning it represents is a model, especially used by businessmen as a name tag on the legends, meaning "I Lose Word." This model was bought by a famous businessman in 1998, and after 15 days from receipt, after exceeding all the security measures and reaching to the Kasi, the thief's items became inadequate and then we took this model over the table and cut off 3 bars in the lock mechanism of the car. This incident, which also happened to police records, has been on television and newspapers for days.

The only preference in the life philosophy of the BORA brand, which is the only company in the knife industry that gives Lifetime Guarantee in the World, passes customer satisfaction. In essence, '' if you are, we are thinking '' we are.

With this aim in mind, we would like to inform you about some of the issues that Bora Knifes have put emphasis on during the production phase. Thus, we will learn more about the knife we ​​use, the consumer, '' the possibility of protecting our own interests '' we think. One of the ways to achieve high standards is knowledge and must be shared absolutely.

Our product is A.I.S.I. (American Iron and Steel Industries) and TSEK used 440-C stainless steel which is accepted as the norm in the production of hunting knives. The hardness level ranges from 58-60 RHC (Rockwell), which is considered as class A steel hardness grade in the world.

A.I.S.I. What's 440-C?
440-C, made up of carbon atoms and other important elements, is a miracle of high technology. Especially excellent results in the production of hunting knives.

Steel Type










Steel quality can be understood by comparing the mechanical properties. These properties are tensile strength (19685 kg / cm2), flexural strength (18965 kg / cm2), shear resistance (3% at 5 cm), compression, impact resistance (2.8 cm2gm) and hardness (by Rockwell unit). The presence and quantity of molybdenum and vanadium ensure that the material is first class. Molybdenum provides homogeneous hardness from the face to the center of the steel. In addition, the steel provides corrosion resistance to higher tensile and compressive stresses, higher temperatures and hardens the steel. On the other hand, vanadium accelerates the formation of carbide, thereby increasing the tensile strength.

Wenge Tree is used as a material on the handle. The wenge tree, which entered the list of endangered species in 1998, is one of the most preferred tree species among Eastern African trees for applying knife staple materials with a hard and durable construction. Wenge, a hardwood, requires strong woodwork due to its structural properties. The Wenge Tree, also used in the construction of precious musical instruments, is also a durable tree of water and nourishment.

Our bracelet is supplied with the stand that is visible.

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