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  • Bora M 401 Small Bowie Wenge Handle Knife
  • Bora M 401 Small Bowie Wenge Handle Knife
  • Bora M 401 Small Bowie Wenge Handle Knife

Bora M 401 Small Bowie Wenge Handle Knife


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About Product

Bora M 401 Small knife knife

type of product


Full length

265 mm

Meat Thickness

4 mm

A pen

120 mm


145 mm


35 mm

the weight

300 g


Warranty life

Our company is a model with which we can not refuse production until today. This model, which received the first TSE certificate in the knife sector with its strong structure, received in 1992 4000 units for the use of our pilots by the Turkish Air Force. In the United States, there were 5,000 military companies. This model, which never lost its renovation, is known for its Bowie design in the world. You can connect the knife anywhere with the hole on the back of the handle.

The only preference in the philosophy of life of the brand BORA, which is the only company in the knife industry that gives a guarantee for a lifetime in the world, satisfies customer satisfaction. In fact, "if you are, we think", we are.

To this end, we would like to inform you about some of the problems that Bora Knifes pay special attention to during the production phase. Thus, we learn more about the knife, the consumer, "about the possibility of protecting our own interests". One way to achieve high standards is knowledge and must be completely divided.

Our product is AISI (American Steel Industry), and TSEK uses 440-C stainless steel, which is considered the norm in the production of hunting knives. The hardness level ranges from 58-60 RHC (Rockwell), which is considered the Class A hardness class in the world.

AISI What is 440-C?
440-C, consisting of carbon atoms and other important elements, is a miracle of high technology. Especially excellent results in the production of hunting knives.

Steel type










The quality of steel can be understood by comparing mechanical properties. These properties are tensile strength (19685 kg / cm2), bending strength (18965 kg / cm2), shear resistance (3% at 5 cm), compression, impact resistance (2.8 cm2 g) and hardness (Rockwell block) . The presence and quantity of molybdenum and vanadium ensures that the material is first-class. Molybdenum provides a uniform hardness from the surface to the center of the steel. In addition, the steel provides corrosion resistance to higher tensile and compressive stresses, higher temperatures and hardening of steel. On the other hand, vanadium accelerates the formation of carbide, thereby increasing the tensile strength.

The Wenge tree is used as material on the handle. The wenge tree, included in the list of endangered species in 1998, is one of the most preferred tree species among East African trees for the use of staple materials for knives with a strong and durable construction. Wenge, deciduous wood, requires strong wooden structures due to its structural properties. The Wenge tree, also used in the construction of precious musical instruments, is also a solid tree of water and nutrition.

Our bracelet comes with a leather case of 1st class.

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