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  • Blaser D99 Duo

Blaser D99 Duo


Market types:


Rifle type:

Combination/ Drilling


.222 Rem, 5.6x50 Magnum, 5.6x52R, .243 Win, 6x70R, Other

About Product

Two rifle barrels and one shotgun barrel. You can choose third barrel (rifle barrel) in these calibers: 222 Rem. - 5,6x50 R Mag. - 5,6x52 R - 243 Win. - 6x70 R - 6,5x55 - 6,5x57 R - 6,5x65 R RWS - 270 Win.- 7 x 57 R - 7 x 65 R - 308 Win.- 30-06 - 30 R Blaser - 8 x 57 IRS - 8x75RS - 9,3x74 R. Blaser Drillings D 99 and D 99 Duo are designed to handle the requirements of steel-shot and are magnum proofed. Manual cocking system - Immediately prior to firing a shot, the firing pin spring is cocked by pushing the safety slide forward. This movement is virtually silent and will not alert game to your presence. If no shot is fired, simply return the safety slide to its original position for maximum safety. Blaser’s direct triggers are legendary throughout the world. Renowned for being the best contribution to an expert shot, they make set triggers an unnecessary risk factor. Original Blaser saddle mount -The tension-free assembly directly above the chamber does not affect the swinging of the barrels, and ensures that the strength and repeating accuracy of the saddle mount are unsurpassed. For safety reasons the calibers .30 R Blaser and 8x57 IRS can not be combined. The 8x57 IRS cartridge can be loaded in the .30 R Blaser barrel by mistake. 

Model: D 99 Duo
Manufacturer: Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH
Action: Boxlock
Caliber: 6 x 70 R
Caliber2: 6 x 70 R
Gauge: 20
Chamber: 2.75" - 3"
Barrel length: 22.63"
Barrel finish: Blued
Barrel type: Round
Stock type: Pistol Grip
Stock material: Walnut
Stock finish: Brown
Butt: Rubber Pad
Overall length: 39.96"
Trigger: Double
Ejector/extractor: Ejectors
Weight: 8.59 lbs.
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