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  • Beretta 9000 S

Beretta 9000 S


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9×19mm Luger/Parabellum, 9x21, 40 S&W

About Product

The Beretta 9000 S semi-automatic pistols, available in different calibers, employ a tilt barrel locking system. The compact dimensions and the light weight make the Beretta 9000 S pistols easy to conceal and operate. The frame is manufactured with a fiberglass reinforced technopolymer incorporating two special steel alloy rail inserts that guarantee perfect slide-to-frame fit and the optimal tilt barrel movement during the locking and unlocking phases. The innovative and patented tilt-barrel locking system is based on a direct, barrel-to slide, engagement that does not require any intermediate components and maintains the same high degree of reliability found on Beretta’s traditional open slide design. The lock-up of the barrel is obtained by its two locking lugs engaging the slide. This system has allowed Beretta to maintain its distinctive and classic “open-barrel” slide design. Model 9000 S pistols have an internal spring which holds the firing pin rearward until the force of the spring is overcome by the force of hammer fall. This feature is intended to reduce the possibility of discharge of the pistol if it is dropped. Loaded Chamber Indicator. The loaded chamber indicator is a small red tab (extractor) that protrudes from the slide when a round is in the chamber. The tab is located on the right side of the pistol’s slide, near the chamber, and can be both seen and felt, allowing the user to check the chamber at night by feel or during the day by checking for the increased protrusion of the red tab. Please note: The most certain way to check whether a pistol is loaded is to pull back on the slide and visually inspect the chamber for a round. Loaded chamber indicators are designed primarily to allow noiseless inspection of the pistol to ensure that it is loaded in situations when it may be dangerous to operate the slide (the action of pulling back on the slide may make noise and will temporarily render the pistol inoperable) or when it is dark. Slide Catch. The slide catch is a lever that holds the slide open and rearward after the last round is fired. This allows the user to immediately determine that the pistol does not have a round in the chamber or in the magazine. External Hammer. The external hammer allows the user to visually and immediately determine that the hammer is cocked, half-cocked or lowered. Please note: Type D pistols have a double-action-only mechanism that always maintains the hammer lowered. Half-cock Notch (on hammer). The hammer features a half-cock notch that will catch on the sear, before striking the firing pin, should the hammer be released inadvertently by violently striking or dropping the pistol.Model 9000 S - Type F pistols fire double action on the first round and single action on subsequent rounds. The longer, heavier trigger pull of the double action makes inadvertent discharge less likely, while the lighter, shorter single action trigger pull allows faster, more accurate discharge of subsequent rounds. 

Model: 9000 S
Manufacturer: Beretta
Action: Double Action (DA or DA/SA)
Caliber: 9 x 21mm IMI
Barrel length: 3.46"
Slide finish: Blued
Grooves: 6
Rate of twist: 9.84
Frame material: Polymer
Frame finish: Black
Overall length: 6.61"
Height: 4.80
Width: 1.65
Sights: White dot
  Two white dots
Sight radius: 5.20
Magazine capacity: 12
Grip: Checkered plastic
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