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  • Barrett 240LW

Barrett 240LW


Market types:

Police & Law Enforcement, Military Arms

Rifle type:



.308 Win

About Product

The 240LW is a general-purpose machine gun capable of mounting on a bipod, tripod, aircraft, or vehicle. It is belt fed, air-cooled, gas operated, fully automatic and fires from an open bolt. The gas from firing one round provides the energy to fire the next one. Thus, the 240LW fires automatically as long as it has ammunition and the operator holds the trigger to the rear. As the gun fires, the links separate and eject from the side while empty cases eject from the bottom. Each 240LW is supplied with a spare barrel. The bore of the barrel is chromium plated to reduce wear. Though the M240 machinegun has been historically noted for its reliability, its weight has not gone unnoticed. By utilizing modern manufacturing techniques, Barrett has developed a notably lighter receiver. The result is the 20.3 lbs (9.207 kg) Barrett 240LW. Excess weight in the original M240 is necessary due to its riveted box receiver. The overlapping steel required for this process, as well as the rivets, add to the overall weight of the machine gun and allow for corrosion risks or operational issues during use in the fi eld. The Barrett solution is to machine the receiver from forgings, then expertly weld the halves together. There is no extra steel for overlapping plates and no rivets to vibrate loose. This procedure allows for a reduction in receiver components from 64 down to only 2. Maximum range of grazing fire over level or uniformly sloping terrain - 600 meters. Sustained rate of fire is 100 rounds per minute, 6 - 9 round bursts, 4 - 5 seconds apart, barrel change every 10 minutes. Rapid rate of fire is 200 rounds per minute, 10 - 13 round bursts, 2 - 3 minutes apart, barrel change every 2 minutes. Cyclic rate of fire is 550 - 600 rounds per minute in continuous bursts, barrel change every minute. The safety mechanism is located on side of the grip assembly. To place the gun in the safe mode, push the selector to the right until the letter “S” is visible. To place it in the fire mode, push the selector switch to the left until the letter “F” is visible. The safety can only engage the bolt in the rear position. Both the front and rear sights are adjustable for elevation and windage. The adjustments on the front sight are intended for zeroing the machine gun while the rear sight adjustments are intended for in the field elevation and windage correction. The 240LW machine gun uses several types of standard 7.62-mm ammunition. Ammunition for the 240LW is supplied in a disintegrating, metallic, split-linked belt. The 240LW machine gun is loaded, fired, unloaded, and cleared from the open bolt position. The gun’s safety must first be placed on “F” before pulling the bolt to the rear. Ammunition should be free of dirt and corrosion. The 240LW machine gun’s high cyclic rate can quickly generate large amounts of heat. To prevent the degradation of the firearm’s accuracy and structural integrity, each firearm is provided with two barrels that can be quickly exchanged in the field. IT IS RECOMMENDED TO ROTATE BARRELS EVERY 200 ROUNDS. 

Action Automatic
  Gas Operated
Rate of fire: 650
Caliber: 308 Winchester
Barrel length: 22.9"
Barrel finish: Blued
Barrel type: Fluted
Rate of twist: 12
Stock type: Pistol Grip
Stock material: Steel
Stock finish: Blued
Butt: Adjustable telescopic
Overall length: 44.3 - 47"
Sights: Flip-Up
  Flip-Up Fully Adjustable
Magazine capacity: 200
Magazine type: Belt
Weight: 20.9 lbs.
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