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  • Automated Ballistic Identification System

Automated Ballistic Identification System


Market types:

Police & Law Enforcement

About Product

PAPILLON ARSENAL Automated Ballistic Identification System

Dedicated to Producing Results in a Short Time
The major task of the ARSENAL system is to use your ballistic files in the most efficient way in order to make a thorough examination and to obtain the most reliable results in a shortest possible time. It is obvious, that the core of the solution consists in automation and computerization of the identification operations, and this task cannot be solved without using state-of-the-art technologies. The ARSENAL system possesses all necessary tools for that. ARSENAL is a modern powerful computer system capable to automate the whole procedure of examination of bullets, cartridge cases and their fragments: from data entry and creation of electronic database, matching and split-screen verification to results of comparisons conducted.

Functionality of ARSENAL ABIS

  • Scanning entire bullet and cartridge case sides, cartridge case head, marks captured from shell fragments and deformed bullets
  • Captures cartridge case head images using lighting in sectors. This method of scanning makes some characteristic marks (firing pinimpressions, breechface marks, ejector marks) to look more legible than they are when being captured by ring lighting
  • Automatically determining location of driven edge and leading edge impressions in an evolvent record
  • Interactively locating unique impressions (striations) on a bullet and cartridge case side
  • Automatically determining significant marks location on a cartridge case head with the possibility of human-aided correction
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