• Dupleks AP-20

Dupleks AP-20


Market types:

Police & Law Enforcement, Military Arms

Bullet type:


Caliber :


About Product

Arrow-shaped steel slug
Increased penetration
High precision
Lead-free, environmentally-friendly

Arrow-shaped steel slug, able to penetrate bulletproof vests. Concentrated energy and good accuracy in longer distances due to stabilizing wad and side-wads.


See also: Monolit 32S

  • Penetrates car radiator, engine or wheels

  • Good accuracy in longer distances

  • Penetrates metal plates and other metal targets

  • Penetrates bricks, plywood and metal walls

  • Penetrates NIJ Level IV bulletproof vests

  • Armor penetration

  • Tactical operations

  • Short range combat in urban area

  • Car stopping - penetrates engine, radiator or tyres

  • Penetration of hidden or armored targets

  • Penetration of targets behind a cover

Weapon compatibility

  • Allows the use of all types of chokes, best accuracy with cylinder choke

  • Designed for smooth bore weapons

  • Functions well in pump-action weapons

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