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  • 9mm 115 gr FCP RN 1100 fps NAS3
  • 9mm 115 gr FCP RN 1100 fps NAS3

9mm 115 gr FCP RN 1100 fps NAS3


Market types:


Price per unit:

$0.40 - $0.50

Minimal order:


Bullet type:

Round Nose

Caliber :

9×19mm Luger/Parabellum

About Product

Our 9mm 115 Grain Full Copper Plated Cartridge features the NAS3 (Nickel Alloy Steel) casing from Shell Shock Technologies. These cases are 2x the strength of brass, handling pressures up to 65,000 psi, 1/2 the weight of brass, and eject cool to the touch. No burning yourself with a freshly fired round bouncing off the range walls and landing down your shirt here. These cases will not experience ballooning in an unsupported chamber after discharge. They can be reloaded with the specialized S3 dies; a fractionally larger flash hole eliminates back-face pressure, and they are magnetic for easy clean up both indoors and outdoors.

We load this cartridge with a CamPro 115 Full Copper Plated projectile that will not gild your barrel, or delaminate going down range at 1100 fps.

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