• 7,62 mmx51 (M80) NORMAL CARTIDGE.

7,62 mmx51 (M80) NORMAL CARTIDGE.


Market types:

Civil, Police & Law Enforcement, Military Arms

Bullet type:

Full Metal Jacket


7.62 × 51 mm NATO

Case type:


About Product

Technicial Specifications

Specification: KKKTEKŞ-F-553-E (Mart 2017), STANAG 2310, AEP-97 EDITION A (MULTI CALIBRE MOPI)
Cartridge Length: 71,12 mm
Cartridge Weight: ~ 24.5 g
Velocity (23,7 m): 838 ± 9.1 m/sec
Bullet Extraction Force: min. 27 kgf (265 N)
Case Model Number: 7.62 mmx51 Case
Case Material: Brass (CuZn28 or CuZn30)
Bullet Material: Gıldıng Metal, Lead Core ( Lead-Antımony Alloyed)
Primer: 7.62 mm Primer, Boxer
Powder: Ball Powder
Weapon to be used: G3, FAL, MG3, L7A2, M60
NATO Stock Code: 1305 27 043 1741 (Cardboard Boxed)...1305 27 053 9288 (M13 Lınked)
Accuracy (100m): Mean Radius Max. 3.5 Cm
Link Type: M13 Lınk
Action Time: max. 4 ms
Bullet Weight: 9.65 - 0.20 g
Mean Port Pressure: min. 561 kg/cm²
Mean Case Mouth Pressure: max. 3876 kg/cm²
NATO Design Number: AC/116-43A
Packing: 20 Cartrıdges in a Cardboard Box, 10 Cardboard Boxes in a Pvc Bag, 5 Pvc Bags in a Wooden Box,30 Wooden Boxes in a Pallet (Total 30000 Cartrıdges)
Packing (alternative): 500 Cartrıdges M13 Lınked in a MKE S1 Metal Box, Two MKE S1 Metal Boxes in a Wıre Bounded Wooden Box and 45 Wıre Bounded Wooden Boxes in a Pallet (Total 45000 Cartrıdges)
Ballistic Coefficient (BC): 0.45 (G1)