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  • 5.56 mm x 45 Fişek (TRACER)

5.56 mm x 45 Fişek (TRACER)


Market types:

Civil, Police & Law Enforcement, Military Arms

Minimal order:


Bullet type:

Full Metal Jacket

Case type:



5.56 NATO

Global operators / customers / users:

Bangladesh; China; Indonesia; Zimbabwe

About Product

Specification KKKTEKŞ-F-591-D (March 2017), STANAG 4172, AEP-97 EDITION A


 Cartridge Length 57.4 mm

 Cartridge Weight ~12.5 g

 Speed ​​(23.7 m) 880 ± 12 m/s

 Average Barrel Pressure min. 1030 bar (Port-3s)

 Average Sleeve Mouth Pressure max. 4450 bar (P+3s)

 Distribution at 550 m Sx and Sy max. 300mm

 Projectile Contact Force min. 20.4 kgf

 Projectile Movement Time max. 3 ms

 Tracking At least 80% of the projectiles are considered track quality and track distance.

 provides the criteria. (13m, 140m, 600m)

 Sleeve Model Number 5.56 mmx45 Sleeve

 Sleeve Material Brass (CuZn28 or CuZn30)

 Bullet Material Copper Clad Steel Jacket, Lead Core

 (Lead - Antimony Alloy), Trace Composition

 Capsule 5.56 mm Capsule, Boxer

 Gunpowder Global Gunpowder

 Used Weapon MPT-55, MINIMI, M16A2, FNC, BERETTA AR 70/90, G36, L85A2

 Bullet Weight 4.134 g

 Ballistic Coefficient 0.40 (G1)

 Packaging 30 Cartridges in a Cardboard Box, 15 Cardboard Boxes in a Pvc Bag,

 5 Pvc Bags In A Wooden Case And 30 Wooden Cases In A Pallet

 (Total 67500 Cartridges)

 fully pierces the steel plate (SAE 1010 or 1020).

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