• .45 Colt 250 LFN
  • .45 Colt 250 LFN

.45 Colt 250 LFN


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The projectiles for ammunition loaded into the CBC and those intended for sale to spare, are manufactured within strict controls on both the dimensional and weight. Some highlights within this line of products are semi-jacketed bullets jacketed in Red Brass, in which the shirt made of an alloy of 90% to 95% copper, provides low friction in the riflings of the barrel. This characteristic of the projectile reduces wear of the barrel. The lead bullets are lubricated with special grease that, besides not allowing the leading of the grooves acts as an element seal, preventing escape of gases and ensuring a better ballistics performance.

Besides the conventional lead bullet, the CBC has also developed its version with special finish composite resin, graphite and Teflon, which reduces the friction in the riflings of the gun, eliminates the leading of the pipes and helps with accuracy, and provides better feed to the recharge machines..in the riflings of the barrel.