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  • 4″ Israeli Bandage with Pressure Bar

4″ Israeli Bandage with Pressure Bar


Market types:

Civil, Police & Law Enforcement, Military Arms

About Product

4” Israeli Emergency Bandage with Pressure Bar

The Emergency Bandage consolidates numerous treatment equipment into a single unit and provide in one device:

  • Non-adherent pad. Eliminating the risk of causing pain and having the wound re-opened upon removal of the bandage
  • Pressure Applicator. Creating the immediate direct pressure to the wound site
  • Secondary Sterile Dressing. Keeping the wound area clean and maintaining the pad and pressure on the wound firmly in place, including immobilization of the injured limb or body part
  • Closure Bar. Enabling closure and fixation of the Emergency Bandage at any point, on all parts of the body: no pins and clips, no tape, no velcro, no knots
  • Quick and easy application and Self-application. Designed with the end-user in mind; for the first-aid trained and the lay care-giver
  • Significant per treatment time and cost savings

Weight 70 grams

Must have in every first aid kit

Israeli Emergency Bandage


  • Multi-functional bandage closure system
  • Elastic
  • Sterile
Made in Israel
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