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  • 2120 .30 125GR SPITZER

2120 .30 125GR SPITZER


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For handguns, Sierra's Pro-Hunter design is generally considered too "hard" for all but the most powerful of the 30 caliber handgun cartridges. The #2120 can be used for medium game at 30-30 level velocities when loaded at or near maximum levels. This is an excellent target bullet and has been used with great success. The 125 grain #2120 bullet will prove too light for the 200-meter rams in Handgun Silhouettes, but is a good choice for the smaller, lighter chickens, turkeys and pigs. Due to their flat base design, Pro-Hunter bullets are an excellent choice for a cartridge with limited powder capacity and a short neck, because these bullets intrude into the powder space less than a boat tail.
Bullet Type Pro-Hunter
Weight (grains) 125
Sectional Density 0.188
Ballistic Coefficients and Velocity Ranges .279 @ 2800 fps and above .277 between 2800 and 2000 fps .264 @ 2000 fps and below
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