• 2020 .30 125GR HOLLOW POINT 30.30

2020 .30 125GR HOLLOW POINT 30.30


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Hollow point


Rifle Calibers

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In handguns, this bullet is suitable for some cartridges because they were designed for the velocities of the venerable 30-30 Winchester cartridge. Specifically, this bullet is suitable for any handgun cartridge that will produce 2200 to 2500 fps at the muzzle. They are suitable for all game, from varmints to large game, such as elk, if the bullet weight is matched to game weight. These are short-range bullets due to their nose design and will be suitable only when maximum ranges do not exceed 125 to 150 yards. Sierra's unique Power Jacket design assures uniform bullet upset and expansion at this velocity level with traditional Sierra accuracy.
Bullet Type Pro-Hunter
Weight (grains) 125
Sectional Density 0.188
Ballistic Coefficients and Velocity Ranges .119 @ 2400 fps and above .153 between 2400 and 1800 fps .186 @1800 fps and below
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