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  • 1895 7MM 100GR HOLLOW POINT



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Bullet type:

Hollow point


Rifle Calibers

About Product

In handguns, the 100 grain #1895 Hollow Point bullet is a light bullet for the varmint and small game hunter, and should be used for any application that requires certain expansion. This is the lightest 7mm caliber bullet currently available, and the high velocity coupled with Sierra's large hollow point makes it unbeatable for fast, reliable expansion and pinpoint accuracy. Although best restricted to coyote and smaller-sized game, it could be used for small deer with proper shot placement. It is too light weight for serious use for full-size silhouettes but excellent for other target applications.
Bullet Type Varminter
Weight (grains) 100
Sectional Density 0.177
Ballistic Coefficients and Velocity Ranges .209 @ 2900 fps and above .215 between 2900 and 2300 fps .234 between 2300 and 1700 fps .254 @ 1700 fps and below
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