• F.A.P 1860 ARMY.

F.A.P 1860 ARMY.


Market types:


Caliber :

44 Magnum

Revolver type:

Single Action

About Product

The last models produced by Col. Colt before his death were the 1860 Army Model .44 cal. and the 1861 Navy Model .36 cal., built using the new steel-silver alloy discovered in the Col. Colt’s plants. We have introduced various models in our range: PIETTA SHERIFF’S Model (o), PIETTA 1860 ARMY BRASS FRAME, an inexpensive variation of the original steel frame gun, PIETTA 1861 NAVY, with brass backstrap and triggerguard, PIETTA 1862 NEW YORK METROPOLITAN POLICE .36 cal., the gun which was for many years the ordnance weapon of the N.Y.P.D., with silver plated backstrap and triggerguard, THE PIETTA 1862 POLICE “PONY EXPRESS” .36/.44 cal. with brass frame.

CAS44 44 1:30” SINGLE 8” ROUND STEEL WALNUT 13 3/4” 1.2
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