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  • F.A.P 1851 NAVY.

F.A.P 1851 NAVY.


Market types:


Revolver type:

Single Action

Caliber :

44 Magnum

About Product

The 1851 Navy model was probably Col. Samuel Colt’s favorite. He named it Navy Model, meaning it to be used by the Navy thanks to its small.36 cal. It was instead sold in larger quantities to the Army and became the inseparable companion of the Yankees during the Civil War.

The 1851 Navy Yank model was considered as one of the most brilliant single action revolvers thanks to its fast draw and light recoil. Available in the versions “SHERIFF’S Model” with shortened barrel (the favourite gun of Wild Bill Hickok, the legendary sheriff of Abilene), CIVILIAN Model, with silver plated brass backstrap and triggerguard, and the LONDON Model, with steel backstrap and triggerguard, like the ones produced from 1853 to 1856 in the city it was named after.

​Far into the war the Confederate Government was forced to appeal to the sense of patriotism of anyone who could contribute in the production of guns. Mr. Griswold answered to this help request.

The gun production of the Griswold & Grier was soon stopped by the lack of steel: church bells, sword handles and cannon parts were used.

Thus originated the Reb Confederate, with round barrel and red or yellow cast brass frame, brass triggerguard and backstrap of the same color of the frame and, afterwards, the Re Nord Navy with an octagonal barrel. To complete the line we introduced the SHERIFF’S and CARBINE versions.

REB44 44 1:30” SINGLE 7 3/8” OCTAGON BRASS WALNUT 13 1/5” 1.2
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