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  • 12 ga signal cartridges

12 ga signal cartridges


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About Product

Our 12 ga signal cartridges are designed to be fired from an open-choke shotgun.

Due to their extreme brightness or power of sound, 12 ga signal cartridges have multiple emergency or just signaling uses. They are perfect for hunting, hiking, inshore distress signaling, Forest Service, damage prevention from birds at airports, etc.

We do carry a wide range of 12 ga signal cartridges:

- cartridges with illuminating effect - red, green, white, silver comet and red comet

- cartridges with audible effect- bearbangers. These are made in two variations, depending on the cases- 12 ga/ 70 mm (2 3/4 „ ) and  12 ga/ 76mm (3 „ ).

- cartridges with audible and illuminating effects- comet bearbangers.

The bearbangers explode with a tremendous bang at end of 60-90 ot 100-160m flight. Perfect as a wildlife deterrent (beasts,birds) or for any signaling.

All the cartridges with illuminating effect may be used for distress signaling or just as a locator. The red one is usually recognized as a distress signal. The green is used as an "O.k." signal and the white may be used as a locator.

The comet cartridges are known for their sparkling tail that follows the flying flare and may point the movement direction.

Our 12 ga signal cartridges could be also a useful must to carry abroad when sailing. 
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