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  • 1032 .204 32GR BLIZTKING
  • 1032 .204 32GR BLIZTKING

1032 .204 32GR BLIZTKING


Market types:



.204 Ruger


Rifle Calibers

About Product

BlitzKing Bullets: These bullets are designed for explosive expansion in varmints and small game and with accuracy characteristic of the MatchKing bullets. The tips of these bullets are made of a proprietary compound, and the jackets are thin for enhanced accuracy and explosive expansion. The lighter bullets in 20 & 22 caliber are designed to be fired at muzzle velocities up to 4400 fps. The lightest 6mm BlitzKing bullet can be fired at muzzle velocities up to 4000 fps.
Bullet Type BlitzKing
Weight (grains) 32
Sectional Density 0.11
Ballistic Coefficients and Velocity Ranges .221 @ 3950 fps and above .218 between 3625 and 3950 fps .204 between 3300 and 3625 fps .189 between 2225 and 3300 fps .179 between 1750 and 2225 fps
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