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  • Zbroyar




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Manufacturer (own production)



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About Company

ZBROYAR HAS BEEN ONE OF THE LEADING MANUFACTURERS OF CIVILIAN RIFLES IN UKRAINE FOR 10 YEARS. Today, the company offers a wide range of weapons of its own development: rifles with a longitudinally sliding shutter family Z-008, as well as self-loading Z-15 and Z-10 on the AR platform. About the plant The company started its activity with a small fleet of machines on leased areas of the Kyiv Radio Plant. In 2013, the production was reorganized and technically modernized. As a result, specialists with experience in the defense and aerospace industries joined, and their number increased to more than 100 people. The production capacity of the enterprise has also increased. The aim of Zbroyar was to create a closed production cycle. Today "Zbroyar" is a large-scale production complex, which is equipped with everything necessary: ​​in particular, an expanded fleet of universal lathes and milling machines, as well as machining centers with CNC. The company has also mastered and started using a number of technologies in the production of weapons: isothermal heat treatment, electroerosion, decorative and protective coating, grinding, argon arc welding, laser cutting and marking, as well as plastic casting. For the manufacture of rifles, "Zbroyar" uses all components of its own production, except for the barrels, blanks for which are supplied by the world's leading manufacturers from the United States and Western Europe. The final processing of the barrel is carried out at the "Gunsmith" and includes: providing the barrel of the final contour, cutting the chamber, threads for installing the barrel in the weapon (installation of couplings), as well as threads for the muzzle, installation of exhaust in semi-automatic systems, finishing. Finished weapons are tested in their own heat and cold chambers, dust and rain chambers. Weapons are being fired at the Center-A underground 100-meter complex. Advantages and additional services of the company "Zbroyar": there is a system of warranty and post-warranty service of products; provides services for repair and modernization of civilian rifled firearms; · There are training programs for dealers, current and potential customers. The company "Zbroyar" takes an active part in the shooting life of Ukraine and abroad, organizes and participates in competitions in dynamic and high-precision shooting disciplines. Zbroyar products are used for sports purposes, for hunting, as well as for self-defense not only in Ukraine, but also abroad!Claim this company account