• Yavascalar Av-Spor Malz. San Tic. A.S.

Yavascalar Av-Spor Malz. San Tic. A.S.


Yavascalar Av-Spor Malz. San Tic. A.S.

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Manufacturer (own production)



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About Company

Unstable Explosive San. On the basis of its strong position in the market of Turkey and World Inc.'s areas of activity, with basic moral and human values, along with a democratic medium that share common objectives and principles is the qualified human resources.


We have our corporate principles and values.

In order to realize our company's goals and objectives, we will best fulfill our dedication.

We always protect our company's rights and interests.

We never compromise our company's loyalty and honesty.

Innovation and change are open, lifelong learning is our basic philosophy.

We are solution-focused, we do not see problems as a source of conflict.

To achieve the right result, we work in a team spirit.

We have a positive attitude towards constructive criticisms of our strengths and weaknesses.


YAF Hunting Guns produce a wide range of hunting gears, which hunters can choose for any type of hunting. The hunting gears specially designed for small or large hunting in all climate conditions at 12, 16, 20, 28, 36 calories are designed to meet the needs of hunters.

In order to maximize the performance of the hunting flares, each batch of products is tested at the production stage. Thanks to the CIP regulations, the hunting devices tested in very high or low temperature - humidity, standard temperature and humidity conditions maintain their consistency even under very different environmental conditions.

Unstable Explosive San. Inc. a new member of the product range 9x19mm Pistol Fişeki was produced 100% locally to overcome and perfect all aspects of light weaponry ammunition through years of experience, optimization of all parts and chemical properties. Turkey's security forces since 2015, providing steady 9mm pistol cartridge explosives San.A.Ş., has been working for the production of other light arms ammunition caliber. The 9x19mm pistol performs all the components of the bottle in its own frame. Unstable Explosive San. Inc. With its latest product Yavex 4.4 SP, the user is proud to offer first quality products in terms of quality and performance.

Turkey to become the leader in the explosive market slowly, explosive material production, with sales and distribution, storage, blasting services, technical support, drilling - blasting design, custom design bulk filling holes in trucks, gives the vibration measurement and control services. Please click for our services and detailed information.